Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crush With Eyeliner

If you've read any of my posts, you've probably gathered that I am (a) married, (b) a mother of two small boys, and (c) straight. All three are true. That said, I have a secret girly crush. No, not that kind of girly crush (you know, the kind your husband only wishes you had). The kind of girly crush where you think this woman is just so freaking smart and funny and successful and cool and you not only wish you were smart and funny and successful and therefore cool like her, but you want to be BFF friends with her and hang out and go to lunch and then go shopping with her. I have one of those big, fat girly crushes on Tina Fey. It would be so cool to be friends with her; our kids would have playdates and we'd sit around watching them play, shooting the breeze about parenting, marriage, and most importantly, snark on the world.

Maybe it's because I discovered that she's from Upper Darby, or that her birthday is the same day as my friend Stacy's, or we both graduated from high school and college the same year, or maybe it's because in my fantasy life I am that smart, funny, and successful. After all, I do have shoulder length brown hair, wear similarly-shaped tortoise shell glasses, but I'm about three inches taller. But that's neither here nor there... I like to think of Tina as my alter ego, the "me" I would be if I had gotten my head together a little sooner in life and was confident enough not only to know what I wanted, but to actually go out there and get it at any cost.

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