Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He Talks!

Today was J's first day of a four-day-long music camp.

I asked him how it was when he first got home and he gave his standard answer: "fine" When I asked what he did, again, the standard answer: "I forget."

Each student in the camp received a packet containing a booklet, CD, and harmonica. J proudly showed it to me, and I helped him open everything. I started to open the booklet to see what was inside, and he immediately grabbed it from me and ran into the dining room to read it privately. At first I wasn't sure why, because there wasn't anything juicy in it, but then he returned to share some knock-knock jokes that were in the book.

When it was bedtime, I suggested we listen to the CD in the boys' room while they got ready for bed. J was very excited. With each song, he would hear the first few bars, announce that he didn't remember hearing it. But as the lyrics or the theme began, he got so excited! "Oh!" he'd exclaim, "I remember this! The teacher blew bubbles and we had to catch them with our hands but we couldn't catch them so we had to pretend that we did." And with each song, he would get excited all over again and show us what he did in class during that song. J also told me that he wants to do music camp every week.

J has never been so enthusiastic or descriptive about something he'd experienced before! I'm now seriously considering enrolling him in the yearlong class. I really enjoyed watching J so happy about and engaged by music.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I Watch Too Much Children's Television

And here are some more observations:
  • Yo Gabba Gabba! is this generation's version of the Sid and Marty Kroft shows I watched as a kid, except instead of being the brainchild of two 60s hippies, it's the brainchild of a couple of millenial Brooklyn hipsters.
  • To the costumers at Hi-5: I realize that Discovery Kids is running episodes that are at least four years old, but what were you thinking when you put Curtis in that red pleather vest? He looks, well, really creepy.
  • Without seeing the copyright date at the end, I can usually tell approximately when an episode of Blue's Clues was filmed by Steve's (a) hairline and (b) enthusiasm level. (Steve Burns, I think you're awesome, but admit it - you were seriously chipper in the first year's episodes. In a good way)
  • What's with renaming the Jumparounds to the Fresh Beat Band? It's bad enough that the cast looks like it was assembled by Jack Donaghy (he's at it again - the new Electric Company wasn't enough?), but the names, oh the names. The guys are Twist and Shout. Seriously. And is it 1986 all over again? Fresh Beat? F R E S H, yo that's fresh!
  • Moral lessons aside, I really really like Veggie Tales. Reminds me of classic Bugs Bunny and Sesame Street in that there are as many jokes for the grownups as there are for the kiddies. And how can you not like Larry the Cucumber?
  • I don't condone violence, but I would probably look the other way if Swiper Fox clawed Dora's eyes out. Ditto for Baby Jaguar and Diego. WHY DO YOU KIDS HAVE TO SHOUT ALL OF YOUR LINES? AND WHY ARE YOU ASKING MY KIDS TO SAY IT LOUDER? STOP IT, ALREADY!
  • I also really really like the Backyardigans. The song writers are so talented.
  • I don't like that Disney has moved any non-computer animated, non-Disney rubberstamped, non-merchandise tie-in-able shows to either the weekends or the rubbish heap (Charlie and Lola for the former, the Wiggles for the latter). I'm not anti-CG (see the above bullet), but I'm kind of overloaded on it. I adore the visual styles of Charlie and Lola, Blue's Clues, Bunnytown, Jack's Big Music Show...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog Therapy

I'm posting these things here because I can't exactly put them on a Post-It note on my bathroom mirror. Hubster hasn't quite come to the same realizations yet, and it's just not worth the aggravation getting him to see the light.

Timeline of events:
  • Wed 6:38pm - phone call asking what we're doing Thursday. She's getting her hair done in the morning and wants to know if she can stop by after doing some errands following her appointment. Knows that it's nap time but could take J out for a while (no mention of wanting to see T or S). I say I'm not sure; she says she'll call when she's ready to head towards our house.
  • Thurs 1:25 - message on home phone that she's having lunch and where am I? (um, sorry, not your business) Says she'll call after lunch is over.
  • Thurs 2:10 - message on cell phone (which was inadvertantly left in the double stroller on Wednesday), finished with lunch and not sure if she should go visit convalescing friend or come by our house. Also mentions that she needs to ice her ankle for an hour (gee, so glad you view us as your resting place in between errands)
  • Thurs 2:25 - ANOTHER message on home phone; I forget the details but basically she's done with lunch and errands
  • Thurs 2:35 - I call her from M&D's and leave a message on her cell phone that we're en route home
  • Thurs 4:30 - she calls and asks if she can come by for an hour. I say okay only because we're home and why not, let's just get this over with.
  • Thurs 5: - 6:00 - Her visit. Minimally aggravating.
Important note to self: You - and the kids - are NOT her priority. If this was about the kids and not her, she would come see the kids on a day and time that works for ALL of them. Instead, we're just another stop on her list of errands to run. Stop feeling guilty about going on with your life and not sitting at home waiting for her to call while she's out going on with *her* life. If it's okay for her, it's more than okay for you.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sigh, MEN!

I'm talking specifically about my husband, but this probably applies to most husbands and fathers.

Hub was off today for the holiday (he was also off yesterday but spent the day golfing with some coworkers, but that's another story entirely). Since he was home all day, he got to see firsthand what life is like for a full-time mom with three little boys all under the age of five. I think it was an eye opener for him.

9:27am. We're in the kitchen and can hear J and T fighting over something; I think J took a toy that T was playing with or something like that. Hub is trying to sort through some paperwork and says to me, "How do you listen to this and not want to kill them?" I simply tell him that that's why I'm such a raging bee-yotch once bedtime rolls around.

10:30am. Hub has had enough of the brotherly love and takes J and T to the playground. I stay home while S naps and, once he wakes up, walk to the playground to meet the guys. Were I home alone, a ride to the playground would have been out of the question at that time. I don't know if hub realized that.

12:40pm. We're at Burger King having lunch. T eats all of his apple fries, but picks at his cheeseburger. I say he only has to eat half of it, then rip the burger in half. T starts getting upset because he wants it back as one big piece. Hub tries to cajole him into eating it, but T starts hitting him. Hub gets angry, T keeps hitting and escalates into meltdown mode. Hub picks T up and carries him to the car.

I could go on, but basically this continues throughout the day, during dinner, and until bedtime when Hub announces that the boys aren't getting any stories. Hub says it's because the boys aren't listening, but I suspect that it's because he's dog-tired from life and is in a crappy mood from dealing with being home with all three kids. Sheesh. Imagine if I weren't home all day!

And I know it would be too much to hope for a comment like "Wow, now I know why you're so cranky when I get home at night." or "I totally get why you want me to help you put the boys to bed."

Cause he's a man. Sigh...