Thursday, April 10, 2008

Always a Catch

About a month ago I rambled on about joining a gym, but wasn't sure which one to join. Well, after much debating and gnashing of teeth, I finally decided to join the local non-YMCA gym. It was only $30/month, I could cancel at any time with only thirty days' notice, and they offered child care at no additional charge.

I should have known better than to sign a contract that began on April Fool's Day.

Three days after joining, on my second visit, my friend M came out of a spinning class to tell me that the owners had announced to the class that another local gym franchise was taking over the gym THE NEXT DAY and that the new owners would not offer child care. Coincidentally, the day they announced this was also the day AFTER members' EFT accounts were hit for April's fees. Nice, huh?

So M and I went back to the drawing board. Actually, M did - she did an amazing job calling every gym in the area to get rates and details.

So here's my latest dilemma. A large franchise is opening another location very close to the gym to which I briefly belonged, but they're not scheduled to open until August at the earliest. The closest open site is 15 minutes away, which isn't bad. However, while they offer $20/month memberships, child care is an extra $30/month. Since I don't have a babysitter anymore (that should really be the topic of a post for another time), I need to pay that extra fee if I want to work out. The other catch is that it's a twelve month committment. I can live with that, but hubster and I are planning on getting pregnant within the next twelve months. Insert monkey wrench here...

Gah! More debating and gnashing of teeth...

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