Sunday, October 3, 2010

Visual Thinking

I need to tattoo this on the inside of my eyelids: 


Remember how I went to the remodeling company's office this week?  And how they printed out floor plans and computer renderings of a proposed addition?

Well, tonight I asked Hubster if he wanted to see the printouts.  He said yes, he did.  So I showed them to him.

Now he is obsessing, much as I have been for oh, about two years, about how best to design the space and, most importantly, what it would cost us.

I find it amusing that even though much of the design was my idea, Hubs thought that the remodeller's designer did a good job.  (Thank you, dear... oh he of little faith...)

At least this has opened up a dialogue between us, which is far more than there has been about this subject since I first broached it two (or was it three?) years ago.

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