Sunday, June 26, 2011

Howdy Ho!

Yeah, it's been a while.  What can I say?  I haven't been moved by the spirit, hence the lack of posts.  Lately, I've been feeling it nudging me...  (Big Man, is that you?)

Warning:  this is gonna be gross.  Just putting it out there.

Last week I went to see my ND (naturopathic doctor) for a follow up visit.  My original ND is on maternity leave, so I actually saw one of her covering doctors.  Let's call her M.  At one point during my visit M asked me if she could "fix" one thing about my health, what would it be?  I immediately told her my food allergies.  So M suggested that I have my gut studied - how efficiently is it digesting and assimilating the food I eat, etc.  I agreed; hey, if it gets me eating bread and pasta again, who am I to complain?

How do you have your gut studied, I hear you ask.  Well, here's the answer, and it's gross:  you send a lab some stool samples for analysis.  That's right, Poop in a Box.

I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it.  Therefore, I shall spare you the details, save to say that I have not felt so undignified... ever.  Cleaning my kids' poopy behinds is *nothing* compared to this.  Ugh, just.... gross.  Ick.  Repulsive.

I feel bad for the people who analyze the samples.  Talk about a shitty job...  ba DUM bum!  (sorry, couldn't resist)

Please, please, please let this course of treatment work...

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