Sunday, October 25, 2009

Catching Up

So many things have happened since my last post. Here are a few:
  • J started kindergarten
  • T started another year of MDO
  • S started music
  • J played fall ball and, while showing some signs of aptitude for baseball, the experience was tarnished by a coach who ignored the players, including his older son, in favor of his three-and-a-half year old son. Neither Mom nor Dad were happy with this treatment. The other coach was good; the last time I was there he stood by J and showed him how to crouch down and field a ball. Wow - coaching! What a concept!
  • J also started music class. The other four boys have been taking classes with this teacher since they were babies, so they all know the teacher and her rules, expectations, etc. J is the new kid, and acts out. I made myself crazy with worry until another mom pointed out what I just wrote about the other boys (thank you!).
  • T suddenly became a chatterbox, which is pretty hysterical most of the time
  • S is teething and I suspect that four more pearly whites will show up at any time

And finally, hubby and I have been on the usual marital roller coaster, but things are getting brighter. I think we're hitting a stride where the ruts are growing shorter and shallower, which is really fantastic. Yay us!

More tapping and typing to come...

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