Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He Talks!

Today was J's first day of a four-day-long music camp.

I asked him how it was when he first got home and he gave his standard answer: "fine" When I asked what he did, again, the standard answer: "I forget."

Each student in the camp received a packet containing a booklet, CD, and harmonica. J proudly showed it to me, and I helped him open everything. I started to open the booklet to see what was inside, and he immediately grabbed it from me and ran into the dining room to read it privately. At first I wasn't sure why, because there wasn't anything juicy in it, but then he returned to share some knock-knock jokes that were in the book.

When it was bedtime, I suggested we listen to the CD in the boys' room while they got ready for bed. J was very excited. With each song, he would hear the first few bars, announce that he didn't remember hearing it. But as the lyrics or the theme began, he got so excited! "Oh!" he'd exclaim, "I remember this! The teacher blew bubbles and we had to catch them with our hands but we couldn't catch them so we had to pretend that we did." And with each song, he would get excited all over again and show us what he did in class during that song. J also told me that he wants to do music camp every week.

J has never been so enthusiastic or descriptive about something he'd experienced before! I'm now seriously considering enrolling him in the yearlong class. I really enjoyed watching J so happy about and engaged by music.

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