Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brochures I'd Like to See

You've seen them at every doctor's office you've been to: those brochures that educate you on topics ranging from asthma to gingivitis to urinary tract infections. Well, here are some brochures geared towards men that every women's advocating OBGYN office should offer (and maybe some GPs, too):
  • Hormones: Your Wife Isn't Psycho and No, She Can't Control Them
  • PMS: It's Real, Get Over It
  • Pregnancy: Yes, Your Boys Can Swim, Now Get Over Yourself and Fold Some Laundry
  • Congratulations, You're a Dad Now! So Wake Up and Feed the Baby So Your Wife Can Sleep for a Few Hours
  • Postpartum Depression: Like PMS, It's Real, So Don't Even Think of Telling Her to Just Get Over It

Wow, I'm really cranky today!

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