Friday, September 2, 2011

"Generators Humming"

Have you ever read a book, or maybe a news article, where the author is describing some place after a major weather event, and invariably the phrase "generators humming" or some variation thereof, is used?

Yeah, well that's a total crock.

Generators do not hum.  They are loud.  Really, freaking loud.

Today is Wednesday, four days after Hurricane Irene passed through my area, and my neighbor diagonally behind me is running a generator the size of a home air conditioning unit.  The thing has been running nonstop since Sunday, and of course I completely understand the reason why, but the thing sounds like a freaking semi idling in my backyard.  It's to the point that I won't open the door to the deck because the damn thing vibrates at the frequency of pure annoyance.  Hopefully the power company will get that guy back on the grid post haste.

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