Sunday, September 11, 2011

What A Week, or Boy Am I Tired!

The two older boys finally started school this week.  I say finally because J was supposed to start on August 30th, but this bitch Hurricane Irene had other plans.  Apparently she felt that we moms didn't have enough time with our OD'd-on-summer brood and dumped a whole mess of rain and tree limbs on the town, causing The Powers That Be to delay the start of school for a week.  

Yes, things could have been a LOT worse - we didn't lose power at all and our biggest inconvenience was the loss of TV, phone, and internet service for four days (I know - no internet for four days - I mean, what the hell, right?).  But to find out the day before we were supposed to regain our freedom send our kids back to school that nope, it's not gonna happen for another week was, as a neighbor said, like losing a best friend.  Especially when the neighborhood swimming pools were closed (the lifeguards all went back to college), the library was closed (transformer powering the building and its servers blew), and the ground everywhere was waterlogged.  Honestly, there really is a limit to togetherness.  We know, we've been there.

But that's all ancient history now.

Tuesday was J's first day of school.  He loves his teacher.  He might even have a little crush on her, which is probably a good thing.  He came home and told me more about Mrs. R than he has about anything school related, ever.  I'm so excited for him.  

Did a bunch of other stuff during the week that I will not detail in this blog.  Trust me, it's not all that interesting.  Let's just say that I stayed up later than I should every night, sometimes to read (The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore, the followup to I Am Number Four), some nights for school-related stuff (Board of Ed meeting, Back to School night).

By Friday night I could barely keep my eyes open.  So what do I do?  Go to bed, and stay up until nearly midnight reading.  At least the boys let me sleep until about 9am on Saturday, something I haven't done since before J was born.

I was completely wiped out by a week of school- and home-related tasks.  And I never got the chance to vacuum.  Honestly, how do working moms balance everything?  Especially moms of large families.  I know a woman - a dynamo - who teaches full-time and has five children.  Can you imagine?  She must be the most organized person ever.  I'm even more tired just thinking about what her week was like.


Ten years later...  TC, I wish I got to meet you.  You are a hero, and you are still very much loved and missed  by many.

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