Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chocolate-fed Angst

I had a great weekend, aside from one near-panic attack.

Saturday was our lake association's brunch with the Easter Bunny. All of the neighborhood kids had a blast. Unfortunately, we had to leave after about forty-five minutes because Ted was just incredibly cranky and nothing seemed to help. So we gave him lunch and put him down for a nap.

(warning: the next section is kinda nasty, so consider yourself warned)

When he woke from his nap, it soon became crystal clear why Ted was screaming so much at the clubhouse. The poop of the century did not want to leave the kid's behind. I tried to scoop some out with a wipe, but that didn't work. I brought him into the bathroom and slathered his butt with vaseline, but that didn't work either. One frantic phone call to the pediatrician's office and one return call later, I was on my way to get some glycerine suppositories.

The good news is that it did the trick. Not five minutes later, the first golf ball is out. Ten minutes after that, Ted is a new child. He's happy, he's singing, he's smiling. Hurray! The bad news is that we have now missed the guitar jam to which I was going to take Jack. Sorry Julie!

(okay, moving on...)

Today we had a very busy day. Our neighbors had their fourth annual egg hunt at their house. We all went and had a great time chatting with our neighbors, following the boys as they searched for eggs, and munched coffeecake and chatted some more.

After lunch and Ted's nap we went to Rylan's birthday party. It was at the Starkweather House, which is next to our favorite playground in town. What a great place for a kid's birthday party! And what a fun party! Robert the Guitar Guy came and played for the kids, they did some crafts, had cupcakes, then got to pull ribbons on a pinata. The pinata was funny - each kid got to pull a ribbon to see if theirs would open the door to let out the candy. Jack was wandering around the room while everyone else went, until one of the parents asked if everyone had had a turn. A few of us yelled "Jack hasn't gone yet!" so after some prodding from me (hello, pay attention, boy!) he goes up to pull a ribbon. And wouldn't you know, that's the one that releases all the candy.

And I have indulged in so much chocolate that I have hives on my arms and back. At least my throat isn't scratchy anymore. One of these days I'll learn and not go nuts on sugar.

Yeah, right...

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