Thursday, March 13, 2008

Guy in the Yellow Skivvy

(for those of you who aren't in the know, the skivvy in this instance does not refer to underwear but to a shirt)

Yeah, I'm thirteen again. I should have expected this.

Jack's been completely obsessed with the Wiggles lately and, truth be told, I'm kinda enabling him. I've been bitten by a cute, little, wiggly bug, and now I'm infected. Yes, I will admit to everyone here (cue the crickets chirping) that I am enjoying watching and listening to the Wiggles as much as my kids are. Maybe a little bit more so. I'm the one constantly checking the website to see if they've posted dates for a show in CT (they have). I'm the one who drove to Big Lots to buy five DVDs at $4 apiece. Did you know they have a message board? And it's mostly parents (the moms, I presume) who post. The WMB (Wiggly Message Board... ugh, I sound like a crazed Durannie again) told me about the DVDs at Big Lots. They also told me that Greg Page (the former yellow Wiggle who left the band due to an illness that sometimes causes him to pass out an inopportune times, such as during a performance) has had a solo career for about ten years. Would you believe his music is actually kinda listenable? (draging toes across the dirt...) Um, I know this because I went to his webpage and listened to the clips. I thought constantly playing "Taba Naba" might get old (a little, but what a gorgeous voice, even if it is kiddie music).

Yeah, I need a grownup hobby.

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