Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mommy Guilt

I feel absolutely horrible. It was a complete accident, and T seems completely fine, yet I feel like the crud on the bottom of my shoe.

Hubster wanted to give T a haircut, so I showed him how to use the clippers. He planned to use the longest attachment all over, but when we tried that with J, he ended up with a buzz cut, and I didn't want that as it's starting to get cooler out. So I suggested using scissors. I was going to start, but Hub chided me about hesitating, so I handed the scissors to him. At which point he was about to cut T's hair, but then *he* hesitated. So I reclaimed the scissors and got started. And didn't do too bad a job, if I do say so myself. I shortened the back and trimmed around his ears.

Then T went into the TV room, where J was watching The Electric Company on DVD. T was mesmerized. Hub noticed and commented, "so that's the trick!" Of course, that got me thinking, hmm... maybe I should seize this opportunity and finish trimming the longer side while T's captivated by The Short Circus. I run into the kitchen and grab the scissors and a newspaper to collect the trimmings. And no sooner do I make my first pass over T's ear that he starts screaming. Because I cut his ear. Oh God, do I still feel horrible about it. It was kind of like a when you gash your leg shaving - it bleeds forever.

Just retelling this story is making me sick to my stomach again. I am so sorry, baby T. I feel absolutely retched for having done that to you, and I wish I could take it back.

I need to go now.

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