Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog Therapy

I'm posting these things here because I can't exactly put them on a Post-It note on my bathroom mirror. Hubster hasn't quite come to the same realizations yet, and it's just not worth the aggravation getting him to see the light.

Timeline of events:
  • Wed 6:38pm - phone call asking what we're doing Thursday. She's getting her hair done in the morning and wants to know if she can stop by after doing some errands following her appointment. Knows that it's nap time but could take J out for a while (no mention of wanting to see T or S). I say I'm not sure; she says she'll call when she's ready to head towards our house.
  • Thurs 1:25 - message on home phone that she's having lunch and where am I? (um, sorry, not your business) Says she'll call after lunch is over.
  • Thurs 2:10 - message on cell phone (which was inadvertantly left in the double stroller on Wednesday), finished with lunch and not sure if she should go visit convalescing friend or come by our house. Also mentions that she needs to ice her ankle for an hour (gee, so glad you view us as your resting place in between errands)
  • Thurs 2:25 - ANOTHER message on home phone; I forget the details but basically she's done with lunch and errands
  • Thurs 2:35 - I call her from M&D's and leave a message on her cell phone that we're en route home
  • Thurs 4:30 - she calls and asks if she can come by for an hour. I say okay only because we're home and why not, let's just get this over with.
  • Thurs 5: - 6:00 - Her visit. Minimally aggravating.
Important note to self: You - and the kids - are NOT her priority. If this was about the kids and not her, she would come see the kids on a day and time that works for ALL of them. Instead, we're just another stop on her list of errands to run. Stop feeling guilty about going on with your life and not sitting at home waiting for her to call while she's out going on with *her* life. If it's okay for her, it's more than okay for you.

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