Friday, July 3, 2009

Sigh, MEN!

I'm talking specifically about my husband, but this probably applies to most husbands and fathers.

Hub was off today for the holiday (he was also off yesterday but spent the day golfing with some coworkers, but that's another story entirely). Since he was home all day, he got to see firsthand what life is like for a full-time mom with three little boys all under the age of five. I think it was an eye opener for him.

9:27am. We're in the kitchen and can hear J and T fighting over something; I think J took a toy that T was playing with or something like that. Hub is trying to sort through some paperwork and says to me, "How do you listen to this and not want to kill them?" I simply tell him that that's why I'm such a raging bee-yotch once bedtime rolls around.

10:30am. Hub has had enough of the brotherly love and takes J and T to the playground. I stay home while S naps and, once he wakes up, walk to the playground to meet the guys. Were I home alone, a ride to the playground would have been out of the question at that time. I don't know if hub realized that.

12:40pm. We're at Burger King having lunch. T eats all of his apple fries, but picks at his cheeseburger. I say he only has to eat half of it, then rip the burger in half. T starts getting upset because he wants it back as one big piece. Hub tries to cajole him into eating it, but T starts hitting him. Hub gets angry, T keeps hitting and escalates into meltdown mode. Hub picks T up and carries him to the car.

I could go on, but basically this continues throughout the day, during dinner, and until bedtime when Hub announces that the boys aren't getting any stories. Hub says it's because the boys aren't listening, but I suspect that it's because he's dog-tired from life and is in a crappy mood from dealing with being home with all three kids. Sheesh. Imagine if I weren't home all day!

And I know it would be too much to hope for a comment like "Wow, now I know why you're so cranky when I get home at night." or "I totally get why you want me to help you put the boys to bed."

Cause he's a man. Sigh...

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