Sunday, February 19, 2012

His First Sleepover

From his perspective, it's a big deal.  A rite of passage, you could say.

J was invited to, and is going on, his first sleepover tomorrow night.  I should qualify that statement somewhat – he has slept over Grandma and Grandpa’s house a couple of times, but this will be his first sleepover at a friend’s house.

He’s so excited.

I’m excited for him, too.  I remember sleeping over my best friend’s house when I was his age.  It was the coolest. thing. ever.  Come on, admit it - when you're seven, a sleepover at your friend's house is really that cool.

I’m also a little nervous.

Gee, now there's a shocker...  you, nervous about something?

I know, I know, that’s just a little bit helicopter-ish, but what can I say?  I am a little bit helicopter-ish.  Let’s also not forget that lovely little tendency I have to worry and be ever-so-slightly dramatic.  

Trust us, we don't forget that easily.  

But cut me a break, k?  This is my oldest, my first child, going to spend the night at the house of a person to whom we have no blood relation.  

All right, all right.  We're snarky, but we're not heartless.  It is hard to sit back and watch the little birdies fly from the nest, even if it's only overnight.

So, what exactly is making me nervous?

That I don’t know the parents very well; that although they were in class and played basketball together last year, J doesn’t mention this boy in conversation; that his friend is the youngest of three; that I’ve never been to their house; that the father has offered to pick J up instead of me bringing him there (so I can "feel out" their home); that in addition to J there will be another classmate of theirs plus the middle child is also having a friend sleep over; that something might happen that will make J uncomfortable and he will be unsure how to act; and OMG do these people have an unlocked liquor cabinet or guns in the house?

Okay, I was pretty okay before, but now I’ve just worked myself up into a small-sized (for me) tizzy.  

Way to go, mom.  So what are you gonna do about your concerns?

Well, I have to call the father back tomorrow to confirm, so I suppose I have some questions for him.  I did explain earlier today that J has only slept over his grandparents’ house, so understandably Hubster and I are a little, um, helicopter-ish about him.  Hopefully that will explain some of my possibly bizarre questions.

Is that it?

Nope.  To help ease my mind and ease my hesitation about letting go of my baby, I hereby send positive thoughts for a fun, safe, and exciting experience for J tomorrow night.  And peace of mind for Mommy.

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