Sunday, August 26, 2007

Further Adventures in Laundry

I am such a geek. Then again, you knew that already.

I'm excited - we got a new washer and dryer today.

Their purchase was a bit of a sore subject around here last week. It started when I went to dry a load of laundry and the drum didn't spin when I hit the Start button. I had to push it a few times before it actually started turning. Fortunately, when we bought the house the previous owners left the washer and dryer, so it's not like we had to buy one, ever. But still, when we went to look at them, John wasn't exactly thrilled when I showed him the front loading washer and insanely large capacity dryer that were $1400 for both (but we'd get another 10% off for buying both! AND pay no tax on the washer since it's an Energy Star model! AND there's a rebate on the delivery charge!!). He thought $1000 tops was sufficient for a "no frills" pair. Mind you, I'm the one who does the lion's share of laundry around here. I'm not complaining that I do it, I'm just sayin'.

Here's why I wanted a front loading machine:
  • it's more water and energy efficient (especially important since, in addition to our electric bill increase, the water bill will soon go up too)
  • they're HUGE - you can wash a buttload of stuff at once
  • as the boys get bigger, we really are gonna need a serious washing machine
  • if we're going to get a new machine, we should get a good once since we'll have it for (hopefully) at least 15 years

Well, we looked at them last weekend and John balked at the price. I didn't say anything all week. Then on Friday, there was a Sears circular in Friday's paper advertising a 20% sale on washers and dryers. When I mentioned this to John, he replied, "Just order them." And so I did.

Of course, this meant projects for John: replace the old plastic dryer vent (aka serious firetrap) with metal venting, which led to rewiring an outlet, and replacing the chains on the basement lights. He wasn't too thrilled with that, but once the w/d were delivered, I think he's actually glad we got them.

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