Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I am old.

I just looked through the website for the 20th reunion for one of the high schools I attended (for those keeping score, I went to three different high schools. In three different states). It was neat to see the people I was friends with and what they look like now, although some of them must have moved (got left back, maybe?) since they weren't listed as class of 1988 alumni.

What made me feel really old was seeing pictures of people's kids. Not the ones who, like me, married at 30 and have kids who are entering preschool, but the ones who have fifteen year olds. Yes, there are several alumni who have children in middle school and high school. Granted, these people live in the midwest and a lot of them married right out of college, but still... I can't get my head around having a middle schooler right now. I'm still working on getting Jack to consistently poop on the potty and stay dry all day.

In other news, Jack starts preschool tomorrow. That means I need to get to bed so I can be dressed and ready before he and Teddy wake up. Updates tomorrow.


Davo said...

Stop saying that! Someday you will be old and then you will hate yourself for being old before your time. At least that's what I think. I'll tell you next year when I am old.

L said...

You have an excellent point, davo. I therefore would like to rename my post "Was 1988 really almost twenty years ago?"