Friday, September 7, 2007

His First Day of Preschool

Jack started preschool yesterday. I guess it went well. On the car ride over, he asked if I was going to stay with him during class (we stayed last week for orientation). I told him no, preschool is only for three-year-olds and not for mommies or babies. That seemed acceptable to him.

So I walk him into class where he's greeted by his teachers. They show him where to put his backpack and folder and I ask him for a hug goodbye. You would have thought I was invisible. Jack didn't even turn to look at me or say goodbye, so I waved and told him I'd see him at 11:30. I guess he was ready. He said he had fun and played with the trains, but that's about all the detail I've gotten so far.

Ted and I had fun while Jack was at school. We went to Wal-Mart (its own ring of hell), then came home so Ted could nap until it was time to get Jack. I'm looking forward to some one on one time with the Tedster while Jack's at school. And I'm so proud of Jack.

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