Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Exciting Thursday Night

  1. I'm on hold right now with HP Technical Support. Earlier today I had an online chat support session with "Patrick" and now I'm working with "David." Call me crass, but I highly doubt that these are their real names. I worked for a software developer for about three years and none of our engineers who were here from India on H1B visas had names that were remotely close to Patrick or David. I realize that these pseudonyms are an effort to make things easier on us dumb Americans, but most of us can pronounce Mahmoud or Ajay.
  2. Okay, so my support call is finished. According to HP's system the expansion base which is cutting power from my laptop when I connect the two together is no longer under warranty. The documentation I have says it is, so now I have to search my house to find a proof of purchase. The email order confirmation from the purchase was contained on a hard drive that has since been demolished by sledgehammer. Thanks, hon!
  3. Now I am looking at a printed copy of the transaction detail from my laptop/docking station purchase. Next stop, to see if I can get a proof of purchase to fax to my buddy David at HP.
  4. Crap, crap, crap! I didn't set up an account. Can I just use my email address and zip code to find my order?
  5. Yes! I can reprint the receipt, too! Yippee! Fingers crossed that this is all my HP buds need.
  6. I'm tired. Going to bed now. Good night.

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