Monday, December 12, 2011

Nothing says "Christmas" like a port-a-potty on your lawn

That's right.  And it bears repeating:

Nothing says "Christmas" like a port-a-potty on your front lawn.

You're probably all like, "What the what?"  I know.  I was too, when I first saw it.  Let me explain...

As I am sure you remember (because I that you care about every detail of my life), we have been doing some home improvement.  Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and tile guys have been traipsing in and out of our home for the past twenty-one weeks what feels like forever.  And since paving a driveway is part of the project, these guys have been tromping through dirt to get into our house.  Yeah, my vacuum cleaner and I have been quite hot and heavy lately.  And the dust.  Oh, the dust!  It is going to take me years to get rid of all of the freaking dust in my house.

The bright side of this is that the workers are not using my bathrooms.  (Workers using my bathroom...  Mind bleach.  Somebody please pass the mind bleach)  Instead, these lucky guys have their own personal portable john.  Initially, it was located on our side lawn, where it was visible but not in your face.

Now that our driveway is ready to be paved, the port-a-pot had to be moved, since its original location will be paved.  Where did they move it?

Front and center.

Oh yes, pull up to my house and you can't miss it:  the port-a-potty on our lawn.  Fan-freaking-tastic.

I think I'm gonna put a wreath and some lights on it, make it look festive.

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