Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Been Gone Too Long

I haven't been back here in awhile.  I've had lots of ideas for posts, but the moment passed before I was able to get online and type one up.  I'll have to start using my iPhone.  But anyway...

I wanted to share my New Year's resolution.  I have decided to be true to myself.  To speak the truth (with tenderness).  Not to bite my tongue if I can find a way to express myself without hurting another.  To ask for what I want and not back down if it's important to me.

So far, it's going fairly well.  I still get stressed and frustrated, but I have been finding ways to express how I feel and what's bothering me.  And although they might not get the results I would like, or have anticipated, that knot in my stomach is loosening.  Some days, it's almost completely untied. 

This is good.

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