Tuesday, March 30, 2010


That's how I feel today.  Overwhelmed.

Just a few of the things swimming around in my head:
  • Should I push for T to stop sucking his thumb?  Will he outgrow it on his own, quicker, if we ignore that he does it?  Or should we make an effort to stop it?
  • J's behavior.  Why is it so pronounced in that class on Tuesdays?  Is it a personality clash?  Is it the nature of the activity?  What about the other boys?  How is their behavior?  What is the continuum of frequency of certain behaviors, to put J's into context?  Is the teacher singling him out because he hasn't been taking classes from her and, in fact, took them from a competing program, since he was a baby?  What will B have to say about it?
  • I'm a little tired of feeling like all of this behavior crap is my fault.  First my mother tells me that I'm way harder on 1 than I am on 2.  Yeah, I know that.  He's just like me, which doesn't help things, either.  I have made a continued effort to either lighten up on 1 or be tougher on 2 and I think I've gotten better, but that comment stung.  Oh, and then she told me that 1 was so hungry last night.  Yeah, because he chose not to eat his dinner.  So then I get a comment about how maybe I should give him something different to eat.  That really pissed me off - so where is the line?  I let 1 choose what he wants to eat, and then 2 won't want to eat what I make.  How is that fair?  And why should I become a short order cook?  If 1 is that hungry, he should eat what I make.  Then mom backpedals a little and suggests that I let 1 help choose what I make during the week.  I already do that.  This was one of the nights when 1 didn't get to choose.  So he got pissy and didn't eat.  And it would also be really helpful if the Hubster was a little more supportive of me and how much I do instead of give me crap about how I'm so hard on 1, I'm taking the teacher's side over our kid, what, so the my personal therapist is going to call the teacher to discuss 1?  I just want to tell everyone to either support me and offer some constructive advice or just fuck off.
  • All of that water coming into the house today...  will adding on alleviate it, or aggravate it?  If we add on, will we end up with a flooded garage?  What does a curtain drain do?  Can we just dig a trench and install a pipe to route the water to the sewer drain?
Needless to say, bullet points 2 and 3 are taking up major cranial real estate and it's making me sick.  Blech.

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