Sunday, May 16, 2010

File Under

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Murphy's Law, Only Me, and Of Course!

Remember that pedicure I was crowing about?  Yeah, well I am pretty sure I now have an infection in my left big toe.

It must have been during the winter; I stubbed my toe against the bathroom cabinet while getting ready one morning.  I must have hit the nail bed, because the nail was split as it grew in. 

Of course, the technician at the salon went to town with the nail file, trying to buff the nail flat.  I should have known when she started, because it was rather uncomfortable.  I said a little prayer and hoped that the bath would keep the nail clean.

Well, my toe still hurts (a dull throb), and I see a pink line from where the nail split that goes around my toe.  That's a pretty positive indicator of an infection, isn't it?

Ugh, I just pray that if I need an antibiotic, I don't have to spend another two weeks on an anti-Candida diet.

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