Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yeah, this morning was not one of my brighter moments as a mother.  Let's just say that I overreacted and flipped my shit on J.

I feed drained. 

I need a break. 

I need a vacation. 

I need a pedicure. 

I need some pampering. 

I need to feel like I am important. 

I need my kids to listen to me. 

I need my husband to take me seriously, and to get it through his fat head that I don't talk out my ass. 

I need more space in our house.  I need a new kitchen, with enough space to put food in its own cabinets and not on top of the dishes and where I can store my pots and pans so the wood shavings from the drawers above won't fall on them.  I need a bathroom where I can insert a tampon without little boys barging in wondering what I'm doing.

I need to be swept away somewhere, without my kids, to be treated like a queen for a day or two.

I need some sleep.

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