Friday, April 9, 2010

Caged Beast

This morning while J and T were at school, S and I took a ride.

First we went to DSW because I felt the need for shoes.  I was hoping to find some super cute yet practical sandals, and spent an hour prowling the aisles for the Ultimate Sandal.  Sadly, I did not find the US; however, I did find a really cute pair of ballet flat sneakers.

Then we went to Babies "R" Us in search of a crib tent.  I am not convinced that this is necessary, but ever since I took a video on my iphone of S climbing into his high chair (two days ago), Hubs is sure that an escape attempt is imminent.  But I digress.  I spent a few minutes searching the babyproofing section, then the bedding area.  As a last resort, I asked the Assistant Manager if they carried crib tents.  He sneered and said that they don't carry them any more.  I asked if it was because they are politically incorrect.  Apparently that comment opened the gates to Crazytown, because while the manager's words explained that crib tents have a design flaw in that they are not designed to keep children inside a crib, but to keep animals out, his subtext screamed "Hey, crazy lady, only bad mothers use crib tents." 

Um, okay dude. 

How many children did you stay home to raise?  Was it you who repeatedly got up during the night to put a toddler drunk on freedom back in his toddler bed?  Who installed safety gates on the bedroom doorway and the top of the stairs to keep the little one safe?  Who lost precious free time because your toddler would rather get out of bed and attempt to dislodge the doorway gate than nap?

Yeah, didn't think so.

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