Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Really Good Day

Overall, that's what today was:  A really good day.

We started by getting to the Dinosaur Playground shortly before 10am.  A friend from the local MOMS Club happened to arrive at the same time, so even if my boys didn't want to play with her girls, at least I had someone I could chat with.  J and T were best buddies today, and J even showed T how to pee behind the rock wall (because, of course, he had to go as soon as we arrived).

11:00 Puppet show at the satellite library.  S and I were going to stay and watch, but he was far too energetic to sit for long.  So while he played with the toys (and the books, and the computer), I got to have a nice adult conversation with another friend.

After the puppet show, we went back to the playground because the guys had so much fun earlier.  Plus, as we left, we passed two more friends of mine who have boys J's age, so I wanted them to have time to play with friends.  We ended up staying another hour and a half.

Lunch, nap for S, and fun on the computer for J and T.

After music, I got dinner for the boys at the Duchess drive-thru.  Made myself some shrimp scampi, and while the guys were finishing dessert, the Hub came home.  Yay!

I hope the rest of this week goes as swimmingly!

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