Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tonight I spent a few minutes cleaning up two places:  the fridge and my cabinet under the bathroom sink.  I know, very exciting. 

Martha Beck says that you can't change your exterior surroundings without changing your interior (or something like that; she's a professional writer and therefore much more eloquent than I).  So I figured I would give it a try and get rid of some of the clutter that's been overtaking my house (and therefore my mind) since we moved in.

While it's nice having a big, spacious fridge, infrequently used containers of food have a tendency to migrate to the way back where I can ignore them for weeks.  I needed to corral those outliers and send them to meet their maker.  As much as I hate wasting or throwing away food (and money), it felt good to get rid of things whose expiration date had passed.  Furry produce does nobody good.

After I put the kids to bed, I then tackled the under sink cabinet, another easily ignored crapository.  I found things I hadn't previously seen in years (and I mean that literally):  baby oil gel, gauze squares, empty contact lens cases, and assorted feminine hygiene products.

I have to say, I feel lighter.  Maybe Monday I'll work up the nerve to actually follow the FlyLady system and really declutter my home.  And my head.

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