Monday, June 14, 2010


I made a promise to myself to try to write something here every day.  As you can see, I haven't been doing too well. 

When I have an axe to grind, or something specific has been bothering me, writing an entry has been easy.  I can shoot off three paragraphs without much effort at all.  It's those days when I don't have much to say that are more difficult.  I suppose that's par for the course for most writers.  And that's where I need to improve.

On the upside, I have motivation:  if I want to make some money writing, I need to actually write.  That alone is rather motivating.

So...  how to approach the blank page? 

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Sensei's Wife said...

Write one sentence. Either "Today I..." or "This morning I found..." and go from there. Pick something from the newspaper to comment upon. A memory that was triggered by a song you heard or something the boys did. Pick a person you haven't thought about in a while and what you remember/wonder about them.

Read a couple of entries. Me like. Me like much.

Can I help you in any way?