Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

Today was J's last day of school.  He is no longer a kindergartener!  I got a little sentimental earlier today.  He is almost six years old, and now the time where I am his primary influence is waning.  Next year, he will be at school all day, five days a week.  It's up to him to make good choices.  I pray that I did enough for him thus far.

As much as I love spending summer days at the lake, I'm a little overwhelmed by having all three boys mobile.  Plus, I am hoping that S gets over his aversion to walking barefoot in the sand.  Fortunately, K will be helping me with the boys, which will be a tremendous help.  She is a great kid; a good person, so patient with the boys, loves to play with them, and I trust her with their safety.  So while I am a little overwhelmed, I am a lot relieved that I have K.

I realized yesterday that I am a lot like the kids.  I don't do so well with transitions.  I had a nice school-year routine worked out, and I was not looking forward to those days of working out the new routine.  Fortunately swimming lessons start next Monday, so we should be settling into a nice groove rather quickly.

The Hubster sent an email to a headhunter today.  He didn't give too many specifics, as I doubt he was given much more than a company name and location, but it would be closer to home.  I don't envy that he has to get up every day to go to an office and deal with the nonsense that he does, but however things work out, I want him to be happy. 

This gluten-free living thing is okay.  Some things I am learning to do without, like bread.  I miss bagels, but not as much as cookies.  And brownies.  And muffins.  I've bought a few different gluten-free mixes that have not been successful at all.  The brownie mix was disgusting.  Granted, I made them with applesauce instead of oil and flax seed instead of eggs, but the texture was awful.  They were spongy, sort of like marshmallows, but without the melt-in-your-mouth satisfaction.  The muffins are okay, as long as you only eat the tops.  I can't put my finger on why, but I've noticed that most gluten-free baked goods have a chemical taste that I just find incredibly unappealing.  Which leads me to munch on dark chocolate-covered cherries and almonds.  Very tasty, but caffeinated.  I haven't been sleeping very well as a result.  I found a recipe for flourless cookies in the newspaper that I might try next...


Sensei's Wife said...

Explore the transition theme a bit more. Has that always been the case? Is it something that has started later in life? You've gone through many transitions over your lifetime. Which were the most challenging? Which were smoother? Is there something to be learned about this?

Sensei's Wife said...

The reality is, this post is about transitions. But you're only touching on them surfacely - the transition of Jack being a full school day first grader next year, the transition to having all three boys mobile this summer. The transition of a possible new job for the Hubster. The tranition to a gluten-free diet. Are you facing too many transitions simultaneously so that you're not feeling the time to transition properly with any, thus resulting in anxiety? Are you too anal/OCD/Type A (a la yours truly) to really be comfrotable with so many transitions overlapping? Are you so busy worrying about everyone else's transitions to focus on you, thus feeling a bit out of sorts/neglected/overwhelmed? Or am I projected too much of myself in this?