Sunday, June 6, 2010


I love listening to Rosie O'Donnell's XM Radio show.  I've always liked her as a personality, and I find her incredibly likeable as a radio host.

Rosie has mentioned on many occasions that the Columbine tragedy was the first incident where she had an extreme emotional reaction.  As I recall, she felt quite depressed about it.  I always thought that that was a rather dramatic response.  And I should know, I'm quite a drama queen myself.

Recently I have been rethinking my reaction. 

This BP rig explosion and the company's response (or, more accurately, their lack thereof) has really gotten me down.  And pretty pissed, too.  It's bad enough that men were killed, but for the company to drag their feet and find fixes that would allow them to continue collecting the oil (can't do anything that would compromise profits now, can we?) is disgusting.

BP should be forced to pay for every last cent of anything related to the cleanup - compensating the families of the workers killed or injured in the explosion, the fishermen whose livelihoods have been possibly forever affected, cleaning all of those poor animals, you name it.

And the CEO should be strung up.  Or stuck in the hole.

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