Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Found the Other Shoe

...and it's got my in-laws' name on it.  Shoulda known!

Please allow me to clarify:  I love my in-laws.  I really do.  There are moments when they drive me crazy (and I'm sure it goes both ways), but all in all, I could have done much worse.  It's just that where the Hubs is concerned, he tends to turn into a DuH where they're involved.

For instance, DuH told me before dinner that he invited his sister to come visit us on Friday and spend the night in S's room.  Um, what?  You invited your thirty-five year old single, childless sister who lives in Manhattan to sleep in the bed in our seventeen-month-old son's room?  Who wakes up at 7am on a weekend?  Are you insane?  (apparently so)  And you thought I wouldn't have a problem with that?  Sorry, DuH, but she can sleep on the couch.

And then there's Father's Day.  My MIL invited us to their house next weekend.  Look, if SIL comes to visit on Friday and spends all day Saturday with us, there is no way I want to visit his parents on Sunday.  Sorry.  Too much in-law-y goodness for me.

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