Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fly on the Wall

Earlier today I experienced an awesome mommy highlight. 

J recently discovered the Captain Underpants books, and can't get enough of them.  So today while we were at the library, I suggested that he ask the librarian where to find the books, and if she could suggest others that he might enjoy. 

I was in the children's room with T and S when J headed to the circulation desk.  After a few minutes, I poked my head out to see how he was doing, and there he was with the librarian, crouched in front of the shelf where the Captain Underpants books are kept.  It was such a great feeling, being a fly on the wall, watching my soon-to-be first grader. 

I was so proud of him for so many reasons:  that he is an emerging reader, that he wants to read, that he has found a series of chapter books that captivate him, that he is learning how to use the library and its staff to find books to enjoy, that he helped me "preview" picture books for him and T to share, that he willingly helped T play games on the library computer, that he lovingly picked out DVDs that S might enjoy.

I spend so much of my time agonizing over every parenting decision, worrying that I do the right thing as a mother.  It was so gratifying to see my child in such a positive light.  I love J immensely, and I am incredibly proud of him, and today I felt proud to be his mother.

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