Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I feel like crap today.

I woke up with insane sinus pressure and a killer sore throat.  Yay!  I'm sick!

And when I'm sick, I am a true joy.  A brilliant ray of sunshine bringing light to all those around me.  A real altruist, putting my physical discomfort and inability to breathe through my nose aside to ensure that everybody else's needs are met.

Yeah, I didn't think you'd buy that.  I did lay it on pretty thick.

I am miserable.  

Thank heavens that J and T both had school today, so I had light duty for about half of the day.  I spent much of it drinking tea and water with lemon, sucking on vitamin C drops, trying not to turn a coughing fit into a puking fit.  

The second part of light duty (after I brought T home from school) was pretty much like the first part, except with me trying to nap on the chair while T asked me for a snack or something to drink like every. thirty. seconds.  I finally snapped, told him that Mommy feels like a turd sandwich and would he please let me get some rest for a little while.  (no, I didn't use the phrase "turd sandwich" while speaking to my four-year-old although it was an apt description of how I felt)

And then light duty was over.  The bus arrived, depositing J at the corner.  Of course it was a rainy day, so the boys were extra squirrely with no place to go.  So they did what boys do best - run around the house and beat the crap out of each other.  Well, not so much beat the crap out of one another, more like annoy the crap out of one another.  Because that is a much more desirable option, right?

After the boys went to bed, I subjected myself to my old standby torture remedy - the neti pot.  Dealing with three rambunctious boys is a true joy while suffering massive sinus congestion.  So is running lightly salted water into one nostril and out the other.  I know, that sounds absolutely disgusting.  It is, if you watch yourself in the mirror (I strongly suggest you do not).  But I swear to you that nothing - nothing - will rid you of your sinus pressure by this nasty, highly effective method.

So that was my rainbow after the storm - rinsing the gunk out of my head with a small plastic watering can once the boys were in bed.  Gross, yes, but I'll take it.

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