Friday, November 18, 2011

The Halfway Point

If I hadn't visited BlogHer today, I would not have known.

I'm halfway to achieving the goal of NaBloPoMo - publishing a new blog post every day during the month of November.

There were two days that I missed, one because I started a day late and one because I went out to dinner with the girls (completely excusable, in my opinion).  But I have published fourteen posts so far this month.

Let's do a little reflecting, shall we?

Obviously, not all of my posts were mind-blowingly fantastic.  To quote Depeche Mode, it's a lot like life.  Not every moment of every day is brilliant and inspiring and funny and worth sharing.  I did have some highlights, and the Fruit Fly Saga is possibly my favorite "story arc."  

I've noticed that my writing is more interesting when I let my guard down.  If I've had a glass of wine, or I'm not feeling 100%, I tend to type whatever is on my mind and not self-edit so much.  The lesson?  Just get my thoughts out there without overthinking.  The raw, unfiltered words tend to work better than the ones that have been agonized over.  Kind of like a meatloaf, my writing works better if it hasn't been excessively manhandled.  (besides, that's what revisions and editors are for, right?)

Moving forward?  I need to keep on writing.  I need to be less self-conscious when I write.  I need to use my iPhone to jot down notes so I don't lose those small moments that can be crafted into a post.  I need to be more disciplined - right now I'm sitting on my couch, typing away as "The Soup" plays on the TV in the background.  Honestly, disciplined writing at a designated time in a designated writing space will probably not happen right away.  Maybe not for a few months, or years, even.  Finding time to do much of anything without interruptions from little people is near impossible.  So for now, it's sofa city, sweetheart.  (bonus points to anyone born after 1977 who can name the film)

And so, I will write.  Maybe one day I will share it with more than one person.  And maybe, just maybe, lots of people will read what I write.  And like it.  And think it's really funny and poignant and real.  Maybe one of those people will like my writing enough to pay me to write stuff for lots of people to read.  That might be the coolest. thing. ever.  Writing for money.

Hmm, where would I like to see my writing published?  I'll have to chew on that for a bit.  Definitely fodder for a future post.

But before I sign off for the night, extra special thanks to Sensei's Wife.  I cannot thank you enough for your editorial expertise, thought provoking questions, and unwavering support.  Oh, and your friendship.  More than anything else, your friendship.  xoxo

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