Sunday, November 13, 2011

Is that a thing?

Last night I picked up pizza for dinner.

In case you haven't been playing along at home, we're redoing our kitchen.  The stakes were raised on Wednesday when the hardwood floors were sealed, leaving us with no stove.

On my way home, I drove behind a (rather nice, probably brand-spanking-new) Mercedes.  I must have been following too close for the driver's liking, since s/he did something that I had never seen before.  The car's left turn signal started blinking, and since I am averse to rear ending vehicles behind which I drive, I slowed down.  We passed three or four streets on our left, but the car never turned.  It never really slowed down, either.

I think that rat bastard put his signal on just to get me off his tail.

Is that a thing?  Or was he just a giant juice bag?

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