Thursday, November 17, 2011

Productivity at Home

Still fighting that damn cold.  I neti potted twice today.

Everyone in the house is fighting this cold.  Every. single. one. of us.  As you can imagine, we're quite the happy bunch.

I skipped my weekly Pilates class.  I absolutely hate missing Pilates (it's the first workout I've found that has almost gotten rid of my three-baby belly fat), but I had to suck it up today so that everybody (T and S in particular) would be healthy enough to go to school tomorrow.  Instead, I got a bunch of stuff done around the house.

Shall I elaborate?  Why yes, I shall.  Today I:

  • cleaned the bathtub in the boys' bathroom
  • did the grownups' laundry
  • vacuumed the shelves and drawers in the kitchen
  • found, washed, and put away the pots and pan
  • took a nap
I see some of you looking quizzically at me.  You think that my list isn't that impressive.  You think that I didn't get all that much done.  Okay, you're entitled to think that.  But try getting all of that done while your two youngest children (who are almost five and three) are at home.  And while your head feels like it's full of that gel stuff that's actually a soil substitute.  Uh huh, now you get it, right?  Not too shabby.  In fact, I kicked some domestic ass.

I was freaking unstoppable today.  Bask in my glory!

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