Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bite My Tongue/From the Mouths of Babes

That's what I should have done today.

Yesterday, I asked J about his homework.  His weekly homework sheet mentioned an alphabet guessing game, but he had no worksheet.  J explained that they were doing the game today.  I assumed that he either misunderstood and that it was due today, or that he forgot the worksheet and was making an excuse.

I was going to do nothing, and let J deal with it.  But no.  I had to email his teacher. 

And he was right.

They played the game today, and he hadn't forgotten anything.  I felt rather small.

Epic Mommy Facepalm.


J had his first CCD class today.  At dinner, I asked him to tell me one cool thing he learned.  He told me the story of Adam and Eve as only a six-year-old could.  It was an incredibly sweet moment for me.

I then asked him to tell me one cool thing he did at school today.  He told me that he and his classmate and longtime friend (since birth, really), R, play Wipeout on the playground.  Yes, I realize that Wipeout isn't exactly highbrow entertainment for six-year-olds, but I think it's pretty cool that after watching an episode, J is inspired to create his own obstacle courses (some are for his Matchbox cars; others are for himself and his brother or friends).

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