Friday, September 10, 2010

Stampin' Out

So Wednesday night I was invited to my friend's house for a Stamping party. 

What is a Stamping party, you ask?

Well, it's kind of like a Pampered Chef party, or a Lia Sophia party, except instead of someone selling Pampered Chef or Lia Sophia products, Stamping products are sold.  This particular company sells stamps, the blocks on which they are attached, ink pads, card stock, paper punches, and all sorts of paraphernalia used to make one's own greeting cards.

When I arrived, L was showing the group how to make a Halloween card.  On the coffee table were several dozen samples, cards made using Stamping products.  Each of us was given a folder containing the Stamping catalog, an order form, and a list of suggested items that ranged from packages of eight gift cards (that needed small touches, such as tying a ribbon and sticking on a gem) for $30 to stamping packages that were $150 - $175.

After the demonstration, we were invited to make two of our own cards, as well as peruse the catalog and order lots of products.  Most of the other women who came were very interested in the stuff, but I'm just not there right now.  When would I possibly have time to sit down and make a dozen greeting cards?  I didn't write out thank you notes for my son's sixth birthday; I had him handwrite a note, scanned it, and printed it onto patterened paper.

As part of her pitch, L went on about how special hand made greeting cards are as a gift.  As some oohed and aahed and nodded in agreement, I just thought Really?  Who has time for that?

Don't get me wrong:  I get a beautiful hand stamped card from Sensei's mother-in-law every Christmas, which I love.  But it's just not my thing, and definitely not while I have three small kids.  And honestly, I think I'd rather take up drawing or painting as a creative outlet.  You know, because this writing thing just isn't enough... *wink*

Anyway, after making my sample cards (which, admittedly, was fun, but I would never do at home on my own), I sat with T to look through the catalog.  We both agreed that it reminded us of the first time we went to Babies R Us to register.  Overwhelming!

I thought about ordering a return address stamp, or a stamp for the boys' books ("This book belongs to ....'s library").  I spent a good half an hour with the catalog opened to the personalized stamps.  I wanted to like them, but wasn't crazy about the graphics, or the fonts.  I felt weird about coming to a party and not ordering anything, but T told me I was ridiculous for feeling that way (gotta love friends like that).

So at around 10pm, I headed out, empty handed and feeling kinda not great.

I wasn't sure why, but the thought that kept going through my head was, "I feel small."  In hindsight, I think it was because I was the only one at the party who is still in the toddler stage.  All of the other women had older kids.  T's youngest is four; K's youngest is five, J's six.  Not too much older, but enough to make a difference.  And they all have daughters.  A few of the women planned to work on projects with their girls. 

I think I just felt... not left out, but in a different place.  Just not into the stamping thing.  And PMSy.

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