Friday, September 17, 2010


Meh.  That's pretty much how I feel right now.

I just got off the phone with J's teacher.  I really like her, and we had a very good conversation.  I'm just really annoyed with my beloved first child for giving reason for her to call home in the first place.

At school today, J and another boy went to the boys' room.  Another teacher found the two of them yelling in the bathroom and in the hallway and told J's teacher.  Hence the phone call home.  The teacher also spoke to both of them about their behavior, and took away their non-group bathroom privileges for next week (a decision with which I agree). 

At least the beginning of the day went well.

I got my laundry done before taking T to preschool.  Went to playgroup for S after dropping off T.  Came home and hung out for a little while, had lunch, then picked up T.  Played on the playground for about twenty minutes.  Went home and hung out again until S's nap.  Quiet time for Mom and T.

So at least that was positive.

And a big, fat thank you to Sensei's Wife for some perspective on the "I Hate Everything" syndrome.  Just like Hubster, sometimes I have my head so far up my own ass it's hard to see daylight.  Thank you for shining your light on me; Lord knows I needed it.

Lemon out...

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Sensei's Wife said...

So, it's good that you're blogging and it's good that I'm reading and commenting.

You're not alone. And YOU ARE A GOOD MOTHER! How you do as much as you do, I'll never know. I can't even begin to imagine what you live with day-to-day and I know that I could never do it.

But, I know that I get wrapped up in my routines and my habits and I forget that my way isn't necessarily the only way or the right way to do things. In fact, more often than not, there's a better way or a compromise.

So, we share. And we learn. And that's how we improve. And those who love us will still love us. Maybe even a little more.