Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's a Cubit?

Crazy rainy day today.

Brain is packed with items to process, but I'm feeling overwhelmed.

Future career plans are on hold.

I know that in five years, I'll look back and laugh at how stressed I am over rather inconsequential things.  But right now, because my office is the four walls of my home and my job responsibilities begin and end with my kids, that is exactly what I am consumed with - my home and my kids.  And how they look, and whether the kids succeed, has been squarely placed on my shoulders.  By me.

I am starting to think that I need to find some little something to do from home for money.  Nothing major.  Maybe creating and maintaining a spreadsheet or database of leads and sales for another mom who sells Pampered Chef, or something like that.  Maybe editing user guides for a software developer.  Something that I can do at home, when the kids are in bed, for a couple of hours a week.

Maybe that will helpn me feel like I am slowly gaining control of my life.

Not quite sure how or why it feels like it's slipped from my hands.

Need to sign off and try to get some sleep.  Hoping that J will be well enough to go to school tomorrow.

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