Monday, August 30, 2010

It All Comes Down to This...

Tomorrow is J's first day of first grade. 

It's rather bittersweet for me.  I'm really excited about his class - it's such a great group of kids, and the teacher seems very nice.  He's looking forward to being with his friends all day, and especially eating lunch in school.  It's yet another huge milestone for both of us - J is going to be away at school all day, every day this year.  I worry that I did enough for him during the past six years.  Or, that I did enough things "right." 

I'm sure every mother goes through this.  God, I hope they do.  I mean, I know I'm an overanalyzer, and more than a bit anal retentive, but I can't possibly be the only mother in the world who worries that she's done her job, at the very least, adequately.

Good luck tomorrow, J.  I love you and I am very proud of you.  Go get 'em!

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