Monday, August 16, 2010


Today definitely felt like the beginning of the end.  Of summer, that is.

K is back from camp, so she joined us at the lake today (Yeah!  I'm not sure who missed her more - me or the kids).  When we got there around 11am, we were the only non-employees there.  Since it was overcast, none of the tables had umbrellas on them, so the kids had a blast climbing up then jumping off the tables.  A and I came about ten minutes later, so I had someone to talk to and the boys had a friend to play with.

I also found out that this is the last week of swimming lessons.  T had no problem passing his Level 1 exit skills test, but K suggested that J repeat Level 2 next summer.  That means that the boys will be in swimming lessons together next year.  Should be interesting, a second grader sharing a class with his younger, preschooler brother.  Maybe that will be the motivation to get J to pass Level 2.

As much as I will miss my time at the lake, I am just about ready for a new school year to start.  I know that I'll miss the kids (J especially, since he'll be gone all day), but I am much more productive when I have a firm schedule.  The loosey-goosey schedule that we follow during summer is fine for a month, but then the house starts to look like a disaster area, and so goes my focus.  It will be better for everyone when I'm more in control of my days.

Besides, football season is starting soon!  Bring on the pepperoni bread!

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