Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Big Events

Yup, two of 'em.

First, today is the Hubster's birthday.  It's not a milestone; he turned forty last year.  And since I'm just oh, so mature, I must share that not only had I started planning a surprise birthday party for Hubs that I abandoned when he told me he didn't want one (a surprise party), but his freaking parents attempted to throw a surprise party for him, upon which he also put the kibosh.  Oh, and did I mention that his parents did not tell me about their plans for the aforementioned party?  I found out about it when Hubster called me from work and attemped to "out" me.  When he realized that I had no freaking clue what he was talking about, he believed me when I said I wasn't involved.  Pissed me off to no end, one, that his parents tried to pull that kind of shit, and two, that Hubster didn't think it was such a big deal.

But, ahem, I digress.  Hubster's birthday.  Right.  He wanted birthday burritos, so he picked them up on the ride home.  I also made a cake - chocolate with vanilla frosting - because the kids wanted a birthday cake.  The cake turned out pretty well, but those darn gel-mate tubes are a pain to write with.

The second big event was J's first day of first grade.  As the day progressed, I realized what a big transition this is for kids.  I'm really fortunate in that J takes to school like a duck to water, but I also expect some challenges as he acclimates to a new year.  First, he's in school all day, where kindergarten was only a half day.  Second, he gets to eat lunch in the cafeteria, which is quite the highlight for these little guys.  Third, when he's in school all day, he's there to learn, not to play for half the day, as he did last year.  Fourth, he will learn how to eat enough to get him through each part of his day.  That one didn't occur to me until I was doing the breakfast dishes.  My train of thought went something like this:
J had oatmeal and chocolate milk for breakfast.  I hope that's enough food to keep him.  I wonder if he has one snack a day or two.  I only packed one snack; I hope the teacher has one of those huge milk carton containers of goldfish for the kids who forgot their snack.  What else should J eat for breakfast?  Probably fruit, you know, like the old commercials for breakfast cereal:  "Part of a complete, balanced breakfast."
But again, I digress.

I didn't get too many details about today, other than who he sat next to at lunch, but J seemed to have a good day.  I'm glad.  I hope he has 179 more.

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