Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rough Day

I didn't post last night.  After putting the kids to bed, I got busy.  First I went grocery shopping.  Then I got busy processing about twenty tomatoes - boiled, peeled, squished out the mushy goop, then put into a ziplock freezer bag.  Had a glass of wine, read some more Breaking Dawn, then went to bed.

Today was rough.  I was woken up by the boys telling me that S was poopy.  Poopy doesn't even describe the half of it.  I don't know if he caught a stomach bug, ate something that didn't agree with him, or is just getting his eye teeth, but the poor kid was covered with poop, as was his crib, and it stunk!  I immediately stuck him in the tub, wiped him down with baby wipes, then gave him a bath.  After that, I stripped his crib, rinsed out the sheet and his pajamas, and threw them in the laundry.  Then I got to work on the crib itself.  More baby wipes, then disinfecting wipes.  All told, it took me about forty-five minutes to get everything cleaned up.  I didn't make it to mass this morning.

I took a ride to the mall this afternoon once S went down for his nap.  I have been wanting to go bra shopping for a long time.  I haven't been measured since I've stopped nursing, and I really wanted to find a really nice style that would make me look like I did before I had kids (with a little extra, perhaps, but not so much that I look like I had something done). 

My first stop was the lingerie department in a department store.  The ladies working there looked like they were easily in their late sixties.  I wasn't particularly comfortable asking them to measure me, so I grabbed a bunch of styles that I thought might look good.  Zero for zero.  I tried different sizes - started with my initial size, 34B, then tried 34A, 36B, 36A, all with no luck.  So I left.

I headed straight for Victoria's Secret.  Honestly, I'm not the biggest fan, but I figured who knows bras better?  I was approached by Colleen, who helped me with a bra fitting.  She was absolutely wonderful - very friendly, helpful, and most importantly, patient.  The biggest bummer of the day, worst than not finding anything that fits?  Discovering my real bra size - 34AA.  Yes, you read that right.  I am a 34AA.  Just call me Madame President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.  That tiny size (plus the fact that I seem to be the only woman whose breasts are so far apart from one another) made finding a bra for me impossible.  On the upside, Colleen was wonderful (did I say that already?  too bad... she deserves a gold star for helping me, the breast impaired), and she suggested Frederick's of Hollywood (yep, that one) since they have a wide range of specialty sizes.  So the search continues.

Hoping to be cheered up, I went to Ann Taylor.  I tried on a really cute skirt and some tops, but nothing fit correctly.  The skirt puckered in a weird way, and the tops didn't hang right.  I also tried on a gorgeous grey dress, but I wasn't crazy about how it fit below my arms.  Oh well.  Maybe next time...

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