Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One More Week

That's it. 

One more week until school starts. 

Part of me is excited and ready for J to start first grade, but another part of me would like just a few more perfect, sunny days at the lake with the boys.  Maybe it's because today and yesterday felt more like late September than mid-August.  Probably.

It feels like I have so much more to do before I feel completely ready.  I need to take the boys for shoes; all they have that fit are their sandals.  I also need to pick up last minute supplies for J's and T's classrooms - paper towels, baby wipes, Purell.

Even though I'm no longer in school, back to school time always feels like a new beginning to me.  This year, I plan to stay on top of my housework, get T and S into playgroups, sign T up for an activity (soccer?), finish at least two written pieces and prepare them for submission (haven't yet figured out where).

It is bittersweet to say farewell to summer, but I look forward to the new adventures that autumn brings.

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