Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tomato Therapy

I have found a great new therapy tool.  Behold, the tomato.

I know what you're thinking:  Technically, tomatoes are ... well, a word that's no longer politically correct, so I won't use it here.  But yes, they are fruits.  How are they therapy tools?  Please allow me to explain.

I have a CSA share at a local farm.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  I paid $550 to a local farmer for one share of her crops for one season.  My money, along with everyone else's, gives her the capital to purchase seeds, compost, soil, whatever else is required to plant one season's worth of crops.  In exchange, once a week during the harvest season (which runs from late May until late September), we shareholders go to the farm to bring home our share of whatever is in season.  And right now, it's tomato season.

Since tomatoes are so abundant at our farm, we are allowed to bring home as many as we can use.  Like last week, this week I brought home well over two dozen full sized tomatoes (red and green zebra), along with two or three pints of yellow and red cherry tomatoes and a pint of plum tomatoes.

What do you do with more tomatoes than you can eat?  Why, you prep and freeze them for the winter, of course.

I spent an hour boiling, peeling, cleaning, and bagging tomatoes.  It sounds boring, I know, but music always makes seemingly boring chores almost meditative. 

Once again, I listened to Pandora Radio.  I created a channel based around the band Muse and, ironically, I like pretty much all of the music offered except the songs by Muse.  Not sure what that means, but as long as I'm getting some good music, I'm happy squishing tomatoes.

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