Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's Good for the Goose?

Last night was Sangria Night.  Six of us got together at K's house to have some delicious homemade sangria (the white was especially tasty!), yummy munchies, and about four hours of kid- and husband-free girl talk.  It was a great night.  So great that I didn't get home until midnight!

The hubster's reaction to my leaving was... expected, I guess.  He pointed out that I just went out Monday night (to yoga, mind you) and now I'm going out again?  What am I, eighteen?  I asked how my going out two nights in a row is different from when he went golfing on Friday night and then again on Saturday night.  No response.  I kissed him goodbye and went to pick up my friend S for our fun evening.

I don't know if it will ever not bother me that there are two standards in our marriage.  When Hubster does something - and it can be pretty much anything - it's fine, and I'm the one who has to "deal with it."  But when I do something that is okay for Hubs to do, suddenly the rules change and it's not okay.  I suspect that this drama plays out in countless homes around the world, but (a) can you make your husband see the light? and (b) if/when he does, does it really matter?

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