Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another Holiday to Remember

Most people spend the fourth of July at the beach, at a barbecue, going to see fireworks.  Not me.

I spent my fourth at the pediatrician's office with J.  He's got this rash that started a few days ago, and then had a 24-hour fever that started on Thursday evening (the highlight of that was him vomiting in the upstairs hallway).  The rash has gotten progressively worse, so I decided to call the ped's office, who wanted me to bring him in.

The rash is poison ivy, and the poor kid has it all over.  I'll just leave it at that.  While the doctor was checking J, she also looked in his mouth and showed me a lesion on the back of his throat.  It's a good thing I brought him in, because not only does the poor kid have poison ivy, but he's also got the Coxsackie virus. 

So J is on prednisone for the poison ivy, which may aggravate the Coxsackie.  Just wonderful.

And I'm pretty sure that S has the virus, too.  He was running a pretty high fever today, was incredibly irritable, drooling, chewing his fingers,  pretty much everything the pediatrician said an 18-month-old would do if he had it.

On the up side, S's fever broke shortly before dinner.  We're going to take a day off from the lake and then hope all is well come Tuesday.

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