Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Figured It Out

Why I have this ridiculous girlie crush on Robert Pattinson, that is.  (note:  I thought he was cute when he appeared as Cedric Diggory in the fourth Harry Potter movie, but I really got bitten - pun intended? - when he starred in Twilight)

He reminds me of a guy I dated back when I lived on Long Island.  I met him on a business trip to Puerto Rico, and we would get together at random intervals.  He was tall, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes (another WASP, go figure), kind of scrawny, but super smart and rather wild.

I came across a picture of RPattz on a while back, and something about his eyebrows and eyes remind me of this guy. 

That said, I think the Hubster is quite the hottie.  My MIL thinks he looks like Tom Hanks, but I see more George Clooney.  Yum...  I think I'm gonna go plant a big smooch on him now.  ;)

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